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16 Mar



Farmburger Stole My Heart

2 Feb

Surprisingly, I had left Farmburger off my favorites list. This must be corrected!

Farmburger sits in Decatur down the street from the Square. With a small outdoor patio and large farm tables for group seating- often groups of strangers- Farmburger does much to surprise the belly. I must admit that I haven’t even tried to burger in the two years I have been eating here. But no matter since the sides are plentiful and amazing. Everything is made from local meats and veggies and made fresh in-house. Check it out!

Asian Delicacy Delivered to Your Door in Decatur

2 Feb

Green Ginger

265 Ponce de Leon Pl., Decatur, GA, 30030.

I initially found this eatery through, and I have been pleased with every order. They delivery not only Chinese food, but also Thai food and Sushi. Having developed several favorite dishes, I regularly order the edamame and crab rangoons as an appetizers, and occasionally spring rolls. The rangoons are heavenly, made with plenty of cream cheese, cooked just right, and crunchy on the ends. The edamame comes pretty standard, but the fact that you can get edamame delivered to your door just makes me ecstatic like a little girl.

Decatur: Indian Food Oasis of Atlanta

25 Oct

You will have to leave downtown Decatur and head toward Tucker on Lawrenceville Hwy, but it isn’t far.  Alpharetta has been slowly and steadily scooping up some of my favorite Indian restaurants, but they have a long way to go to steal the Indian food capitol of Atlanta.

  • Zyka : My long-time favorite, consistent in quality for many years.  Excellent choices, but limited to curries and appetizers.  No major fried dishes or buffet.  Closed Mondays.  Excellent banquet services.
  • Mirch Masala : Great buffet, good food and lunch deals.
  • Udipi : An eat-in eatery, great dinner setting, standard options.
  • Luqma : Fast-food Indian!  Open late!  Not the same par as the other eat-ins, but if I want Indian after 10pm, I can always get it.  Open every day.
  • Haveli** : For the downtown Atlantan, I give you Haveli.  Wonderful lunch buffet, always fresh and with at least one of your favorite curries daily.  Great table services- good for lunch meetings and/or dates.  Lovely interior and ambiance.
  • Madras Chettinad** : An old favorite moved to Alpharetta.  I live nowhere nearby, but from my experience with this company and chef, their options are wide and deep.  Try the Rasam, fried Idly, or any other fried dish or curry.  All made with care and plenty of spice!

Excellent BBQ All Over Atlanta!

25 Oct

I was startled to find out that a tree fell on the outdoor patio at Fox Brothers on Decatur St. last month, but pleased to see that they swiftly made do and continued operating again within days.  Fox Brothers and several other jewels of BBQ heaven are scattered in the Atlanta food sphere, beckoning your belly for some carnivorous tasty treats.

Here is a list of my recent favorite BBQ joints, in no particular order, mind you):

  • Fox Brothers : Excellent slabs of smoked meat, not too fatty, with a variety of tongue-tingling sauces, amazing side dishes, and don’t forget the stuffed jalapeno poppers (my fave).
  • Fox Brothers 2** : We are still crossing our fingers that a second FB will open up at the intersection of L’ville Hwy and N. Decatur Rd, where the old Maddy’s BBQ used to be.
  • Burnt Fork : Holy cow, I love this place!  I just heard about it a few months ago, and man I can’t stop going.  All I have to say is tons of tasty sauce, dry rub, and spices.  This place turned me onto collard greens- they serve the greens cooked just well enough and with a sweet flavor.  The other requisite side is the gouda mac and cheese.  Need I say more?
  • Daddy D’z : An old favorite.  BBQ plate with sides, or red beans and rice with sausage, it’s easy to choose from the menu.  Lunch specials here are good for GSU students nearby.

Havana Restaurant: Holy Empanadas at Clairmont & Druid Hills

10 Dec

Wow, I’m still drooling since my first two visits to Havana Restaurant. All my tummy wants is to eat more beef and jalapeno empanadas, but she could settle for some chicken and jalapeno empanadas, as well. Atlanta residents may well know about this heavenly counter-service sit-in eatery, and with good taste. I rarely complete a meal, but I was licking the plate at Havana. The black beans sprinkled with diced onion, and the tomato sauce laden rice mound (I lack technical terminology), complete any entree. I was more than pleasantly surprised to find the sides well-seasoned and freshly cooked. Mmmm, I wonder if they are open right now?

I will update once I have tried another dish there, but the empanadas are to die for. They have a nice variety, with an without jalapenos for sensitive stomachs. They do contain a good amount of melted cheese- think queso dip cheese or thereabouts- so beware if you have already had your queso for the week. Mmm..

The fabulously tasty, family owned Havana Restaurant:


Mezcalito’s Cantina: Oakhurst Favorite #1

2 Dec

I adore Mexican-style cuisine, and I have a difficult time choosing my favorite spot. One of the top ranking dine-in locales, Mezcalito’s Cantina, takes the cake for its seeming authenticity, array of flavors, and homemade appeal. Like many, I will enjoy of bowl of refried beans made from a can in my local Mexican restaurant. When it comes to that little something extra, that pizazz, that je ne sais quoi, you need more than a can of beans. What you get at Mezcalito’s is the freshest homemade salsa, sauces, and ingredients, good beer, and daily specials. Want black beans and salsa verde, check. Want some cheese dip and some fried plantains, check. I love my “regular”, easily accessible Mexican restaurant, where I always knows what I want, and it always comes out right. But Mezcalito’s has that extra hand of variety, freshness, and flavor that you might want for a special occasion. Located in Oakhurst Village, in the main hub next to the pizza joint and across from Universal Joint, find your way to this tasty little eatery. I am so envious of the neighbors in Oakhurst 🙂

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